A Picture of Love

I’ve been diving into learning about love.  It is a characteristic that I should have pouring out of me as a follower of Christ.  It is of great importance that we are living a life of love.  Love is huge to God, God IS love.  So I’m diving into this and I’m reading I John because he talks about it alot.  One of my big questions is what does love look like?  Perfect love, divine love what does it look like in every day life?  I have my ideas but I want God’s picture on the matter. 


The other day I was feeling crabby and I was desperately needing some time away from the kids for awhile.  Sometimes moms just get to that point but at this particular moment I couldn’t get away so I tried to work with it.  I told my 3 and 5 year old they needed to go play in the girl’s room and leave me alone for awhile.  My 3yr old got the message and started to go to her room.  My 5yr old started to pout and didn’t want to leave.  I said son you need to leave me alone for awhile.  I was crabby and a bit short with him but he slowly left.  I continued my filing and as I walked through the schoolroom I could hear my son say to his sister, “Shhh, I’m making a surprise for mom.” My heart started to soften.  A few minutes later my son said, “Mom, do you want to find a surprise I made for you.  I hide it in the school room, …in the crayons…”  He led me to the crayons and opened the container.  “See, I buried them under the crayons.” He took out a folded piece of paper which had another folded piece of paper in it.  Then he showed me the picture he made for me and started to tell me about it.  “Do you want me to read it to you?”  “Sure” I said.  “It says I love you.  Do you like it?”  How wonderful for this little boy to make me a picture.  That was his response to me after I was short with him.  He quickly forgave my shortcomings and showed me love, which softened and touched my heart.  Now that was a picture of love.


I want to be more like this child and forgive so quickly followed by showing my love to the one who needs it, the one who may have hurt me.  Often we hurt and are short with each other because we are hurt or stressed or dealing with something ourselves.  What we need is to be reminded of how much we are loved.    


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