Open Door

I was at a luncheon at church with my husband and kids.  We were in a large room divided by a partitioned wall.  After the kids were done eating they were able to go to the other side of the wall and to play.  We were sitting right next to the playroom.  My three year old daughter stopped playing to get a drink.  She started to go back to the playroom but the door was shut.  The door had a funny looking flat door knob on it.  My daughter stopped and looked at the door, then put her hands on her hips as she studied the door in frustration.  My husband and I had watched the wheels turning in her head.  We chuckled as she put her hands on her hips.  Her daddy stood up and opened the door for her. 

It made me think how many of us come to a closed door in our lives.  We stand there and study the door trying to figure out how to open it. We can come up with so many possible solutions on our own but that still might not be the way to open the door.  We may even put our hands on our hips in frustration or get angry but the one thing we ought to do is look to our daddy to open the door for us.  Isa 41 13Our heavenly Father is the only one who really knows if that’s a door we should walk through or not.  We certainly want His blessing and direction before we go anywhere. Even if it’s a door you were already went through.  Sometimes God closes doors for us for awhile and then reopens them.  It all needs to be on His timing.  Don’t be in such a hurry in life that you forget to ask your daddy to open the door.             


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