Thanksgiving: Week One

  Hooray, it’s November!  I love the gorgeous colors of the trees and how after a windy day the colors blanket the lawns.  I also love Thanksgiving.   I love the idea of devoting a day to celebrate all your blessings with family and friends.  A time to reflect on all the good things we have in life.  Regardless of how much money we make, there is always something to be thankful for.  I try to have thankfulness be a lifestyle in my life, not just a holiday or a season.  I used to be a negative person.  I got sick of being that way so, with the Lord’s help and time, I became a thankful and a mostly positive person. (I still have my moments. LOL) 

It’s frustrates me that Thanksgiving seems to get looked over.  So I decided to focus on Thanksgiving with my kids during devotion time this month.  I’m trying to put a craft or game with every lesson.  My kids range from ages 2 to 11 and trying to keep it interesting for all is a bit challenging but this week was a success.  I thought I’d share what I’m doing this month and maybe you can get ideas for your kids.

For week one I focused on the American history of Thanksgiving.  I went to the city library and found some books to help tell the story.  I used “The Mayflower Compact” by David and Patricia Armentrout, “Pilgrims” by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce and “The Voyage of the Mayflower” by Allison Lassieur.  The last book was fun because it’s in comic book style and helped keep my 6 yr. old son’s attention. 



When we learned about the Mayflower we made a Mayflower craft out of paper plates that I found on Pinterest. (Gotta love Pinterest.)



Another interesting book I found was “Sarah Gives Thanks” by Mike Allegra.  It’s about how Thanksgiving became a national holiday. This was a story I had never heard.  I love it when I learn right along with my kids.


On Thursdays I try to do things a little more creatively.  We still learn but I try to have games, crafts, stories and so many of the things I forget to do when I’m so textbook focused.  I originally started doing “fun Friday’s” in the summer to have organized play and sneak in some learning.  They loved it so much I decided to continue when the official school year began in the fall but I switched it to Thursdays. 

So on Thursday after reading “Sarah Gives Thanks” I played “Turkey in a Bag” with the kids (which I also found on Pinterest).  You make cards with letters on them and have a few cards with turkeys.  Put all the cards in the bag and have the child draw a card.  If they get a letter card they had to tell me what letter it is and what sound it makes.  If they get a turkey card they can run around the kitchen table twice as they gobble like a turkey.  For my 11 yr old, if she drew a letter card I gave her a multiplication problem instead.  You can really put whatever you want your kids to work on on the cards.  It was a fun game and kept everyone’s interest.  Not an easy task with a nine year age spread from youngest to oldest. 

On Friday the kids made a “Thank You God” book I found on It reviews all we’ve learned this week.

Oh yes, how could I forget.  I also checked out Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving video from the library and the kids have been watching that all week.  My 6yr old just loves Snoopy.  There’s our Thanksgiving week one.  I look forward to sharing with you how next week goes. 


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