Telling Our Children Our Story

This week I am teaching my children bible stories about giving thanks to God.  The Lord wants parents to teach their children all of the things He has done for us and for generations past.  Many parents know this and it’s why we tell our kids bible stories.  We want them to learn what the Lord has done. 

I got to thinking though.  How often do I tell my children the miracles and faith building situations God has brought my husband and I through? The Lord clearly leaves His fingerprints all over our lives but I think I fail to tell my children of the many times God’s done great things for our family personally.  It can be hard to relate to bible characters who lived long ago.  When the children hear how God has given our family food and clothes or healed relationships, that’s something they can relate to because they saw some of the events unfold before them.  They may not have understood the situation at the time but when you help them put the pieces together it builds their faith and gives glory to God.  As they continue to be told how God is working in our lives their faith will grow right along with my husband and I.  Soon they will realize we serve a big and amazing God who loves them VERY much.  Then they will come to the Lord for things on their own knowing nothing is to big or to small for Him and by the time they are our age their faith could be much bigger then ours.  Of course we’ll need to use discretion with each child on what details they would understand but the idea is to tell them of all the great things God has done for us. 

It’s really not just our kids that need to be told these great things the Lord is doing but all of us need to hear what God is doing for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It encourages each other to hear it.  Especially when you’re going through a similar situation.  Sometimes this means we have to expose our weaknesses or hardships but when it gives God glory don’t be afraid to share with others. 

  I will now be intentional about telling my children all the great things God does for our family.  I’m excited to be able to watch their faith grow with mine.


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