Thanksgiving Week Two

This week for our Thanksgiving study we focused on bible stories of thankfulness.  Our first story was in Nehemiah 8 where Ezra is reading the people the Scroll of the law.  They began to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. A week of celebration and rememberance for how the Lord brought the people out of Egypt and provided for them as they traveled through the wilderness to the promised land.  They built tents to remember the years of living in the wilderness.  

To help the kids make a connection to the story I moved the dining room table and draped over it a paper tablecloth my husband and I used at our wedding reception. This made our dining room table look like a tent.  The kids sat under the table as I read the story, which they thought was really  fun.


To drive home the point that we can forget to be thankful I gave each child a sucker and made a mental note who said “thank you”.  After the lesson I asked who said thank you for the sucker.  They all thought they did.  It made the point well.  Then, using the paper that was acting as our tent, I helped them make a list of things/events in their life to be thankful to God for.  Image

This was a great story for me as well to remember to tell my children all the great things God does for us.

The next day we did the story of the ten lepers.  I couldn’t find a craft or game I liked for this one but the lesson of the story was easy for them to understand. The next story we did was the story of Jehoshaphat in IIChronicles 20.  It taught the children to go to God as soon as a problem arises and praising the Lord for helping us.  We made music shakers with two paper plates stapled together with beans in them.  My four-year-old daughter loved that.  She’s very musical.  Of course then we had to make rules about when and where to play your music shaker but it was still fun. 

music shaker


I enjoyed looking into bible stories of thankfulness.  It taught me so many things as well. Such as, the pilgrims were not the first to celebrate in thankfulness to the Lord with a feast.  I’ve also never heard of the story I read about Jehoshaphat.  The other thing I learned was about my children. I’ve mentioned before it’s challenging for me to reach the kids at the same time because of the age range.  My 11yr old and 6 yr old did well, but the little ones (2yrs and 4yrs) got bored quickly.  I brought coloring books out at one point to help keep them busy.  They enjoyed the tent and making music shakers.  I’m going to need to try to keep the little ones interest better. 

FYI: I got all of the bible story lessons from  If you haven’t checked them out yet you should.  I love their resources.  I’ve used them many times.    


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