SOOO Thankful

This week I have so much to be thankful for.  It’s been kind of a crazy week but I saw the Lord moving through all of it.  Last week I was having trouble with complete constipation.  I tried all the natural things I knew of but they didn’t work.  Then I tried to over-the-counter medicine to help.  Still nothing worked.  I was wondering if I had a bowel blockage.  It was time to see my Dr.  When I called for an appointment, my regular Dr. was not available so I saw his PA.  She didn’t know what was causing my constipation but she saw the hernia at my bellybutton. I’ve known about this hernia for about a year now but my regular Dr. said he wasn’t concerned about it.  His PA was, so she set me up to get a CT scan for the next day and to talk to a surgeon.  The scan showed it wasn’t an emergency to remove the hernia but we decided we’d like to have it taken care of a.s.a.p. 

This whole time I kept praying, “Lord, please let this be taken care of quickly.”  The last round I had with doctors trying to figure out my digestion problems took sooo long.  Months of, “Try this and come back in a month.  Now try this and come back in 3 weeks.” Ugh!  I didn’t want to go through that again.  Well, God answered my prayer.  The surgeon’s office scheduled my surgery for the next morning.  I often think God is so slow at answering our prayers but when He moves…hang on! 

Wednesday morning I went in for surgery.  We choose to have it done laproscopicly so the Dr. could see if there was anything else going on.  Before they took me back my husband prayed that if there was anything hidden it would be discovered.  During surgery the Dr. found another hernia that was hidden.  He said no scan, xray or test can find this kind of hernia.  You have to be looking inside the body to find it.  It’s also a very rare hernia.  It’s called a Spigelian hernia.  There’s a .12% chance of getting one and usually they are on the right side.  Mine was on the left.  These kind of hernias are found in the muscle wall and left untreated strangulate the bowels or intestines and damage the organs around it.  This breakdown had started in my body since I’d been sick for a few years. The Dr. said my skin was aging in that area.  He was a little surprised to see that in someone my  age.  When he tried to attach the mesh to my skin it was to fragile to hold. The Dr. believes that this hernia has been my problem.  It was strangulating my bowels and intestines so I had a hard time digesting food. 

Now that this has been fixed I have my bowels back.  I have a new chance at being healthy again.  Praise God that this was found.  I was pretty much done trying to find anything.  I was just going to eat healthy and try exercising.  I am SOOO thankful this hiding hernia was found and is taken care of.  Thank you Lord!

Also thank you to all those who have been watching my kids this week, substitute teaching for school, cleaning my house, making us dinners and praying.    


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