Thanksgiving week three and four

At the beginning of November I started a four week study of Thanksgiving with the kids for school.  Week one we studied the American History of Thanksgiving.  Week two we learned bible stories of thanksgiving. Week three didn’t end up happening because I had surgery but what I was going to teach the kids was why we should be thankful and different ways we can show our gratitude.  At I found a picture of indian corn the kids could color called The Colors of Salvation.  It’s a good reminder that the most important thing to be thankful for is our salvation. 

At I found a lesson, called “Is It All About The Turkey?”, that teaches praise and worship as a way of showing thanks to the Lord.  The last lesson is about King David being thankful for all God had given him.  He wanted to do his part in giving to the work of building God’s temple. He gave materials of stone, jewels and marbles.  The other leaders also began to give materials.  This story is a good way to go from being thankful to the Christmas season of giving.  We were going to spend some time brainstorming things we could do to help others this Christmas season.  I got this lesson from 

Week four I was going to leave open for any fun stuff we wanted to do or have make-up time for things we weren’t able to do.  I always like to schedule make-up time in my homeschool schedule because life happens. 🙂  Life certainly happened this year but I think I’ll just save my last two weeks for next year. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let thankfulness and love motivate you through the Christmas season.



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