Don’t count sheep to sleep

If you ever find yourself awake at night and unable to sleep

with thoughts or cares weighing you down. 

Or a to-do list or what-if scenarios swimming around.  Image


I have a thought.  Perhaps a challenge.

To get back to sleep,

don’t count sheep.


Think about all the miracles in the bible Jesus did instead.

Can you count them?  Can you recall them all?…

Now think about all the miracles He’s done in your own life…

Now that He’s done in other people you know…


At this point you’re either so excited and pumped about how awesome God is,

or you’re at such peace you can get back to sleep. 

Either way, you now see you see can trust Jesus with your worries, your day…your everything. 

And when you awake that peace will carry you through the day

…or week (if you let it).


If you found yourself so excited you were unable to sleep,

the gift of joy is yours to keep.




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