What’s in a Number?

My 11 year daughter and I just had a fun evening.  I taught her how to play Scrabble (one of my favorite games).  We were having fun and laughing at silly stuff. Then I went to take my shower.  Like most normal evenings I stepped on the scale before stepping in the shower.  Except this time I didn’t get the normal number that usually pops up.  It was a few pounds heavier and has been for several days.  I think those pounds are on to stay. 

Now most people would be bummed at this point but I have just undergone a double hernia surgery.  One of those hernias was strangulating my intestines and my bowels were a little messed up but were repaired some at surgery.  So having gained a few pounds is wonderful news! This means the surgery worked.  My appetite has been larger and I’m gaining weight again.  My body is absorbing the nutrients like it should.  God has given me the healing He has told me He would give me for a year now.  Praise God!!

So why did my heart sink as I looked at those numbers?  Why wasn’t my first response to rejoice?  Why did it bring me down so bad that it was noticable to my daughter and husband who were laughing with me moments before my shower? 

It was those numbers on that scale.  I was afraid I would gain weight to fast.  Or gain and not be able to stop.  This culture tells us women we need to be thin, beautiful and youthful.  That that is where we get our importance and value from.  Somehow when we reach that “magic” number we’ll be beautiful and valued.  That’s what the culture says.  The culture is wrong!!  What a lie!  Why do I buy into that lie?  Am I a better mother at 105 pounds then I am at 150? How about a better wife?  I am still the same woman when I step on the scale no matter what the scale says.  Those numbers don’t solve any of my problems. 

I am not beautiful because of a number!  I am beautiful because I am a daughter of the King!  I am beautiful because the Holy Spirit shines through me!  I am beautiful because I am washed in the blood of Jesus!  I am beautiful because I am a new creation through Christ!  I am beautiful …because of who I am in Christ.

Let’s stop buying into the lie that the size of clothes or a number on the scale determines our worth.  We should strive to be healthy but I need to remember to keep it in balance.  The scale is a tool to show me how healthy I am, not to tell me my value.  I know these truths but the world has so been ingrained into me that I really have to remember to look to God’s Word to untangle me from these lies.  

If you’re trying to getting healthier this year I think that’s super awesome!  I plan on doing the same thing but let’s remember to look to God and His Word for our value and beauty.



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