Stepping out in Faith

Recently the Lord has been asking me to take some very large steps of faith. I’ve been excited and happy to do it but I find fear wants me to doubt and not follow where God’s will is taking me. I was having this battle when the Lord gave me this very clear picture.

What would happen if the fully developed child in the womb said he didn’t want to go anywhere for fear of the unknown? “I don’t know the world out there. Here it’s safe. What if I go out and don’t like it there? Once I go out I can never come back to the way things are now. Also, here I’m fed and don’t feel the pain of hunger?”


If the child stayed in the womb he would miss out on the greatest things of life. Sure, the sun may be bright at first but after awhile his eyes adjust and the light of day and the warmth of the sun becomes welcome. If the child stayed inside he would never know the love of his mother . To be held in her arms and her kisses on his face.

Not only would he never know these things but the womb, the place that’s comfortable, that he knows so well to keep him safe, will soon become an enemy for him. He has outgrown this place. He can not mature anymore in this place. It can no longer supply enough food to keep the child growing. It’s confining him. Restricting him from stretching and moving. What he needs now is to move out of this place to gain strength in his muscles. Though he will feel the resistance of gravity it will assist him greatly in his growth and should be embraced.

Though he fears the pain of hunger he does not understand that to stay in this confined place would be sentencing himself to starvation. He must feel the pain of hunger to get a new supply of food, a perfect food, that will flow in abundance just for him. Then he can truly drink and be satisfied.”

The Lord calls us all to go deeper with Him. To take a step of faith. Some steps are bigger and harder then others. When you find yourself wrestling with doubt or fear remember this picture of the baby that needs to leave the womb to grow and enjoy the next season of life. You never have to be afraid when you are in the center of God’s will.


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