Flushing out Pride

A few Sundays ago I got my four year old daughter from her Sunday School class, then we went to the restroom. We went into the same stall and as I was using the bathroom she grabbed her bag that had her Sunday School paper in it. Full of enthusiasm she said, “Do you want to hear what I learned today?” “Yes, I would love to.” She proceeded, very loudly, to tell me the story of how Jesus feed the five thousand. As she did I could feel pride welling up in me. So proud that my little daughter understood this bible story and was so excited about it. I knew the other ladies in this full ladies restroom could hear every word my little girl was saying. I could imagine another woman telling me how adorable and precious this child was when I went to wash my hands. I would say thank you and smile as if I had much to do with this moment. It was my daughters turn to go to the bathroom. As I was basking in the glory of this child’s knowledge of the bible story she exclaimed, “Mom, the poop won’t go down!” My glorified moment was shattered. “What ?!” I thought. Then she said it again and she was starting to panic, “Mom, the poop won’t go down!” “Shhh! It’s okay. Just wait.” I said maintaining calmness outside but inside I just wanted her to stop announcing our bathroom moment. “Mom, LOOK!” By this time all glory has gone down the toilet and I just wanted to slide out of there unnoticed. I heard highheels clicking by our stall to the sinks. I thought to myself, “Just leave maam. I don’t want to be seen now.”

Finally the toilet flushed and all was well in her innocent little world. As she was going to the bathroom I was collecting myself and realizing what just happened. I was trying to take credit for her enthusiasm which is really something she was born with. She loves life and it shows. I was trying to take credit for her knowledge when clearly it was the children ministry workers that told her this story. I was trying to take credit for heart that loves the word and the bible stories she hears. This is something the Lord has also placed in her. It was wrong of me to be ready to boast about her with the mindset that this was a reflection of how great of a job I’m doing as a mom. It was wrong for me to be ready, and expecting, a pat on the back for her joy and knowledge of the Lord.

This is a very real danger as we serve the Lord. We may want to get prideful and take credit for what God is doing through us. As if it has anything to do with us at all. Like we should take a little cut of the credit before giving it to the Lord. Really we are vessels God is using. Just like a postman delivering the mail and packages. Does the maildeliverer take any cut of the bills we pay or get any part of the packages they deliver. Absolutely not. They would get in trouble for doing such a thing. They get paid their due when it comes time from their employer. Why would we expect to take a cut from God?

Pride is very deceptive and those caught up in it don’t even realize they are. It may seem like a badge of the great things they’ve done but to whom are they giving credit? If they are crediting themselves this badge is really a burden to them and they don’t even know it.

It’s been said not to pray for humility because it can be painful but I tell you that staying proud is even more painful to you. Ask the Lord to keep your eyes open to pride and to keep you humble as I had to do in the bathroom that day.

Pride brings a person low but the lowly in spirit gain honor. Proverbs 29:23


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