Teach Me

My four-year-old daughter has been showing interest in learning to read for about a year now. I started her in kindergarten in the fall when the older two started school. She did fine with the schoolwork but her maturity level was still only four years old. She was not patient and was disruptive to her older brother who was trying to learn. After a few weeks I decided to let schooling go with her and try again later. In January I started her in Kindergarten again. This time she did much better.

I’ve been teaching her to read and she’s been doing great. She only know the short vowels and is almost done going through all the consonants, yet she is confident in her ability. She’ll pick up my books and say “I can read” At first I told her, “Yes, you’re doing great honey.” Then I realized she truly thinks she’s mastered reading well enough to read anything. So I tried explaining to her she still has a lot to learn. “Give it time,” I told her, “We’ll get through it all.”

I grew up knowing Christ as a child. I learned and memorized bible verses and stories. I was even taught the difference between religion and a relationship with Christ. I could feel the Lord was with me through my growing up years. I loved the Lord and desired to live for him at a young age. As a teenager I was peculiar then the other teens because I didn’t “follow the crowd”. Yet I fell away from the Lord in my late teen years and tried to do things my own way. That didn’t work out very well.

Seven years later, through an odd set of circumstances, I found myself sitting in a church at a women’s event. I was arrogant as I listened to the speaker with my ears but not fully with my heart. I knew the bible story she was talking about and I was quite confident I knew where this little talk was going. After all, I’ve sat through dozens of these talks as a child. With that attitude in place, we all stood for the closing song. We began to sing and the Lord reached out to me through that song and got a hold of my heart.

I thought I had it all down pat. I thought I knew the formulas and keys but the way He touched my heart that day was unexpected and real. It transformed me. I began weeping…bawling as the Lord was working in my heart. Within a few days I knelt down in my living room and asked Jesus to take over in my life. I gave control back to Him.

Just like my 4 year old daughter I thought I knew it all. I was over confident in my own ability. When you live this way you began to rely on yourself rather then God. Wearing righteousness as a badge when really this righteousness is not our own. It’s a gift from God. A gift that cost Jesus His life. Striving for perfection out of our own strength will only leave us drained and frustrated. We must stay humble as we walk this walk with our Savior. Knowing He’s the one who’s leading. It would take many lifetimes to learn all God has to teach us. No matter how long we’ve been walking with the Lord, God wants to teach us more. We’ll get there, as long as we are patient and listen to our Teacher.



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