The Good Dr.

I was sitting in the dentist chair because I have plenty of dental work that needs to be done. After my first visit there they showed me all that needs to be done. My many cavities and the severity of them. It was a bit overwhelming. Much of this you can’t see from the surface. My husband and I knew we needed to take care of it so we scheduled a visit where I would be there for two hours as the dentist went to town fixing my teeth.
So there I am sitting in the dentist chair. The dentist and his assistant are hoovered over me putting all these things in my mouth. Using different tools. At one point I thought I have no idea what this man is doing. I knew I was there to get filings but there were times I didn’t have a clue what he was doing or why. I have a very nice dentist. I could hear him explaining to me what he was doing and why but I had a dental tool going in my mouth and couldn’t make out what he was saying. There was to much rattling in my head.

Then I thought to myself, the dentist is like God. Sometimes I have no idea what God is doing. I know the general direction God and I are taking. I know the goal is to fix all these blackened places in my heart and soul. I know we are trying to fix them before they cause part of me to rot or decay. We don’t want the poison from decay filtering through the rest of my body. Yet, sometimes I have no idea what my heavenly Father is doing. I get anxious. I can hear his voice and I know He’s speaking to me but I don’t know what He’s saying because there’s to much going on in my head. I have to remind myself to just hold tight because my Heavenly Father is working and would do nothing to hurt me.

I’ve been in a season of expectancy for the promises God has given my husband and I to be fulfilled. We know the Lord is at work but when the days grow long it’s hard to not get anxious, frustrated or depressed. It’s in those moments we must cling to the truths we know. Our Heavenly Father is a loving God, He is faithful to the end and will fulfill every promise He’s ever given to us. Even when we can’t clearly hear His voice we can be at peace knowing the Good Dr. is at work.



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