Did you forget about me, Lord?

In May 2013 I went to Healing Rain, a monthly prayer service for healing at my church, because I was losing weight and didn’t know why. I was having some stomach and intestinal problems and the doctors weren’t sure what was going on. As 2013 continued the Lord walked with me through that year as we made several trips to doctors to find the source of my weight loss and digestion problems. I ended up going gluten free and studying up on the foods we eat. I learned a lot about my health and was forced to take a look at the way my family and I were eating. I made the switch for my family to eat healthier and found out three of my four kids have some type of gluten sensitivity.

In Nov. I ended up in surgery for an umbilical hernia. My husband prayed right before I went into surgery that if there was anything hidden it would be found. During surgery the surgeon discovered I had another very rare hernia. It was strangulating my intestines and bowels. He also found scar tissue that was making the movement of food difficult. He fixed those things and I have since gained back 5 of the 42 pounds I lost. I’m healthy and have more energy.

I felt God’s presence with me every step of the way. Had I been healed instantly I wouldn’t have looked at the foods we were eating, made healthier choices for my family or recognized all the symptoms in my children. Here is one instance where I can see God’s healing came through medical means but it was more of a blessing that it came that way then through divine instant healing. I think a lot of times we are looking for that instant healing and don’t understand when He doesn’t do it that why. Many times during that year I felt the Lord forgot about me. Softly, I could hear His voice reassuring me he hadn’t forgotten me. Looking back now I’m glad it worked the way it did. I hope my story can encourage those who feel forgotten to know that God not only sees you but is walking you through every step.


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