An Even Greater Price

IMG_5657Every year when our tax returns come back we try to take care of some things we put off because we don’t normally have the money. This year it was my teeth. I’ve been putting off my dental work for over a year. At the first dentist visit my husband came with me because we knew we would have to make a plan for what we were going to take care of. The dentist went over the condition of my teeth and the cost of it. We decided to take care of most of it, if not all of it, over several visits. So I saw the end bill but I knew some of it was urgent and needed to be done. My husband wasn’t worried about the money and I just wanted my teeth fixed.

The next two visits my husband came with and took care of the bill. The next time I went he couldn’t make it. I can go alone but I get REALLY nervous going to the dentist and it’s comforting when he comes with me. Before I went I asked him how much he thought the bill would be so I wouldn’t be shocked at the dentist office. He told me and I’m glad I asked ahead of time. I think my jaw dropped. “Is it always that expensive?” I asked him. He said it was and that we are even getting a discount for paying upfront. I was amazed he was okay with this. There’s so many other things we could do with that money. Get clothes we need or pay some medical bills. I told him I didn’t have to go. They got the very urgent teeth. Maybe I should just stop going. My husband wouldn’t hear of it. He said I needed it done and he wants to take care of me. He’s right, I need to get these done so they don’t become as urgent as the others were. When I realized there was no arguing with him I just stood there in shock. I was amazed how calm he was. I was touched he wanted to take care of me like that. If you wanted to be picky he is the one working to get this money. He doesn’t see it that way. He said it’s both our money. I’m so thankful he’s like that. I felt so honored, respected, protected and loved that he would give up that money for my teeth.

As I pondered on this the next day I felt the Lord say to me there is someone who paid an even greater price for you. “Yes,” I thought, “Jesus paid His life for me.” Paying your life…. That’s something I can’t even grasp very well. I tried to set the thought aside but it quietly kept coming back. Jesus only lived 33years. That’s not very long. Yet that was God’s plan from the beginning. Not just what was “allowed”. This was the plan.

I was reading the Easter story in the bible again the last few days. I try to do that around Easter every year. I don’t want to forget what Jesus went through for me. If you grew up in church, the Easter story can become so familiar you get comfortable with it. It’s happened to me but we should never get “comfortable” with the story of our Lord’s death. This year what’s really been standing out to me is I realize Jesus had to die for us and that’s tough enough but the beatings and mocking he had to endure have been hard for me read. He loves me so much that this was not to great of a price to pay… Amazing!! That makes me feel loved and puts me in awe. What else can I say but Thank you, Lord!

retreat cross


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