Looking for Life

We been living in our house nearly three years now. I’ve loved learning how to do gardening. I work with plants and flowers. When the kids are a little bigger I hope to have a vegetable garden but I want them to help me and feel the fruit of their labor. Until then I just work with the flower garden. The front of our house faces east and catches very little sun. With where the trees sit and how the overhang of the house is it’s usually dark in the flower beds in the front. Yet this is one of the places I wanted to look the prettiest. It’s the part everyone sees from the road.

Last year I transplanted three or four hostas from the backyard to the front. Only one of them lived well. The others didn’t make it through the summer. I’ve tried planting many different kinds of flowers. I was very hopeful for this spring to see something green, anything green, popping through in front of the house. To my delight my flowers started popping up in the backyard flower bed. Yet nothing came up in front. Finally I set it in my mind that nothing was going to come up. Even the hosta that survived last summer had nothing coming up. I decided to make the best of it and throw some rock in the flower beds and stick some flower pinwheels in there and call it good. It would be better then the dirt eyesore I was seeing. I wasn’t able to get in the yard to work for a couple of weeks. Then I went outside and noticed some little green sprouts poking up through the ground.hosta I was SO excited! Now even the hosta from last summer is coming back. What I thought was dead is now green and coming to life. Just think that all this time, in the ground below, these little seeds were waiting and growing. At just the right time they made themselves known to us.

It makes me wonder what things in my life should I be more patient with. Are there things in my heart I’ve been wanting to throw the towel in on? Or maybe I’ve already considered them dead, yet unknown to me seeds are growing. Seasons are changing. In perfect timing the things I’ve been praying for and promises I’ve been holding on to will show signs of life. Just because I see nothing on the surface doesn’t mean nothing is going on. Every flower and plant has their season. Every promise God gives will happen. We should keep the gardens of your hearts watered with the word of God. Don’t call things dead just because you see nothing and everything seems to be going opposite of what you heard God tell you. Remember when God called Moses to ask Pharaoh to set the people free? Things were worse for the Israelites then they were before God spoke to Moses. The people were mad at Moses. Yes Moses continued to press on in obedience to God and God fulfilled every promise He gave to Moses. God set His people free and everyone around the Israelites knew the power of God was at work for them.

Sitting here this Easter Sunday reminds me Jesus can bring life to ever area of our lives we think is dead. The power of God is still at work for His people. Will we believe it or call His promises dead and throw rocks over them?

Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here. He is risen.
Luke 24:5-6


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