Fruit of the Spirit Summer : Peace

This week my oldest daughter was gone so I decided to try to get my 5 year old daughter to sit with us for bible class. So I made the lessons a little shorter and simpler. I chose John 14:27 for our memory verse this week. “My peace I give to you.” The fruit I chose to represent peace is a pineapple because you have to cut it into “pieces” to eat it. I know it’s a stretch but it worked for me. My oldest daughter does NOT like pineapple so she was okay with missing out this week. I’ve been having fun finding different snacks for the kids to eat with these fruits in it. It’s stretched me to make different snacks and it’s stretched the kids to try new things. My 5 year old daughter usually won’t try it but my boys at least give it a shot.

Day one I taught the kids what peace is. Since day one and two were so short I put the lessons on the same page.  Peace  It worked out nice that we were having thunderstorms that morning. We talked about us having peace through the Holy Spirit even when we’re afraid or worried about things. God gives us His peace. We can trust Him to take care of us.

Then I brought out the real pineapple. It was the first time I ever bought a pineapple and the firstP1000432 time the kids have seen one up close. They were able to touch it. It was pretty exciting for them. Then we colored and cut our paper pineapples and taped them in our fruit basket. Next they watched me cut up the pineapple. The boys tried some. My oldest boy loved them. My youngest did NOT…but at least he tried.

Day two I taught how we get the Lord’s peace. This was also the day I gave them their memory verse. I made sure they understood it and they repeated it after me, even my 3 year old. Which completely melted my heart. It was so cute!

Day three I read to them Matthew 6:25-34. That’s the story of how God feeds the sparrows. He takes care of them and He will take care of us. We can trust Him and have peace in Him. I accidentally did my day four plans on this day too.

Day four plans were for the kids to color a picture I found on of a girl looking out the window at a thunderstorm. I was also going to have them review that day. Even though we squished two days together it still worked out for us because one day I skipped lessons because the kids were playing so nice together. I just let them play and enjoyed my peace that day. I complimented them for playing well together and told them they were showing peace. Take those moments when you can! 🙂

Day five was a craft day. We made a dove out of paper plates from I explained to them that the dove represents the Holy Spirit and also represents peace. My 3 year LOVED the dove he made and played with it for the next two days.

I didn’t make very many pineapple snacks this week. To be honest with you I thought they weren’t going to like the pineapple. I did end up making pineapple upside-down cake. Gluten free of course. It turned out pretty good.

I hope you are enjoying these ideas for Fruit of the Spirit lessons.  I’m enjoying sharing them with you.


Let us not grow weary of doing good



“Let us not grow weary in doing good. For in due time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9
I read this verse multiple times as I was writing it out for my children to memorize when suddenly it became personal. I have been growing weary lately. Weary of laundry and cooking and coming up with bible lessons. Did I mention laundry? I have a lot of laundry. At this moment I realized they are the good things I do. I cook and clean and teach the children because I love God and I love my family. These are the things the Lord want me to do so I will try to do them well. It may get tiresome and feel like these things are not a big deal but at this moment I could hear God whispering in my heart that He sees all I do in a days work, encouraging me to continue in my labor of love because there will be a harvest. There will be a day when I see the fruit of my labor and it will be good. I need to continue be diligent in the small matters because often the small matters are really bigger then we think.

With my eyes I see my 3 year old son who seems so small but with my heart I need to remember in what will not be long at all, this little boy will be a man. It may seem long while I’m in the thick of it but I know it’s only a short time that these small hands will help me wash them. Only for awhile will he need help turning the lightswitch on. Only for a moment will his sisters be taller then he is.

Let us not grow weary in doing good…I don’t know about you, but I needed that today.

Fruit of the Spirit Summer: Joy


I chose an orange to represent the second fruit of the spirit, joy, because when you cut an orange into slices it looks like a smile. I really debated about the memory verse for this week. It was between “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4 or Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” After praying and thinking about it I went with Nehemiah 8:10.

Day one we talked about what joy is using a lesson I wrote. Joy Then they colored and cut their oranges and taped them in their fruit basket. For a snack we has orange slices.

Day two we watched a short but good video on how we, as Christians, keep our joy. You can find it on You Tube.
It’s called Magic by Scott O’Neill. I don’t know why it’s called magic. I’m the type of person that stays clear of “magic”. This is actually a great video on joy. My kids loved it. The visual really helped them understand the message.

I prepared the snack the night before. I peeled some oranges. Put the orange slices in a bowl. Added whip cream and marshmallows. Mixed them together and put it in the fridge. I thought the kids would love it because they like oranges and they love marshmallows. None of them liked it! My kids aren’t crazy about whip cream. Then I remembered none of them like whip cream on their pie at Thanksgiving. That’s so weird to me. I’m used to making sure I can find the pie under the whip cream. Anyway, it was worth a shot and at least they’re trP1000425ying new things.

Day three I pulled out my scrapbook supplies.  We made a craft with our memory verse on it.

Day four I gave them a quick summary of when the Israelites were freed by God from slavery in Egypt. They’ve heard the story of the ten plagues before so I went through that part quickly but focused on how joyful they were when they saw the waters closing in over their enemies. God had saved them and they knew they no longer had to fear the Egyptians because they saw them swallowed up by the sea with their own eyes. I then showed them the relation between that story and how Jesus has freed us through His death and resurrection.

I had great plans to make homemade orange soda for a snack from a recipe I found on Pinterest but I was not feeling so ambitious. So they had mandarin oranges instead.

Day five we sang songs of joy from a kids praise music CD I have. We sang “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy”, “Rejoice in the Lord Always” and “Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah”. They had fun singing and dancing. It was a good way to end the week on joy. For our last orange snack I made gluten free homemade cinnamon rolls with orange icing. Super yummy!!!




Fruit of the Spirit Summer: Love



fruit of the spirit tree


I’ve been planning on teaching my kids the Fruit of the Spirit for several months now. I couldn’t find lessons that was geared for the ages of my kids. I have four children but I try to gear bible class for the 7th grader and 2nd grader. There is an excellent resource for preschool children at If you have a preschooler you should check it out. I used a few of her ideas, like her fruit basket craft.

I decided just to write some of my own lessons and find crafts, games and bible stories to fill in the rest. Summer was the perfect opportunity for me to do the fruit of the Spirit. We take a two week break at the beginning and end of the summer so there are nine weeks in between that we are doing light schoolwork. Mainly math and reading so they don’t forget what they’ve learned. There are also nine fruit of the Spirit so it worked out perfectly. I wanted to show you all what we did in case any of you need ideas for this topic. We are going through one fruit per week. I am trying to have a simple memory verse for each week and have some snacks that go along with the fruit of the week. I didn’t come up with the snack idea until late in the first week so we didn’t so many yummy snacks that week.

Our memory verse for week one was I John 4:16 “God is love.” Day one of week one I explained what bearing fruit meant. If you’ve never heard the term before it could sound pretty weird so I wanted to be sure we were all on the same page from the beginning. I bearing fruitwrote a lesson on bearing fruit.  Bearing Fruit  We also began the fruit basket craft I mentioned earlier and they colored their basket and taped it on construction paper. (You can use glue. We used tape because glue and my kids don’t always work well together. Also my kids use tape for almost everything.)

Day two of week one I introduced love and used a lesson I wrote.  Love They also colored and cut out their strawberry which represented love for us because it’s clGod is loveose to the shape of a heart. Then they taped it in their basket.

Day three I told them the bible story in Luke 7:36-50 about the woman who poured perfume on Jesus’ feet. I happened to have had a picture for the kids to color of a perfume bottle left over from church. There are many great stories in the bible that show love. You could use your favorite. This one worked for me because I had a few visuals to go with it.

Day four I read them I Corinthians 13:4-8 and made sure they understood what it meant. Then we played a game called “Love Is, Love Is Not”. I found it on pinterest. It’s a matching game with words like trusts, hopes, or gets angry. There are also big X’s on some cards and big hearts on others. You need to match up the hearts with the characteristics of love. If it’s not a characteristic of love you need to match it with an X. It really helped drive home the idea of what love looks like.

Day five we went through scenarios of how we would want to be treated and how we should treat others. Then we brainstormed of who we could show love to and how we could show love to them. I plan to have them follow through on some of their ideas. This would be a good time to find community service projects your kids can get involved in. I’ve been finding that challenging with my kids being so young but I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Along with the fruit for each week I’m making snacks and different treats for the kids to try with that weeks fruit in it. This also works nicely into my plans for the summer because I’m wanting to focus more on exercising and cooking. I love it when things come together like that. For the snacks we had plain strawberries one day and cupcakes (gluten-free for us) with strawberries in it another day.

The week went well and the kids seemed to have understood bearing fruit and what love looks like.