Fruit of the Spirit Summer : Peace

This week my oldest daughter was gone so I decided to try to get my 5 year old daughter to sit with us for bible class. So I made the lessons a little shorter and simpler. I chose John 14:27 for our memory verse this week. “My peace I give to you.” The fruit I chose to represent peace is a pineapple because you have to cut it into “pieces” to eat it. I know it’s a stretch but it worked for me. My oldest daughter does NOT like pineapple so she was okay with missing out this week. I’ve been having fun finding different snacks for the kids to eat with these fruits in it. It’s stretched me to make different snacks and it’s stretched the kids to try new things. My 5 year old daughter usually won’t try it but my boys at least give it a shot.

Day one I taught the kids what peace is. Since day one and two were so short I put the lessons on the same page.  Peace  It worked out nice that we were having thunderstorms that morning. We talked about us having peace through the Holy Spirit even when we’re afraid or worried about things. God gives us His peace. We can trust Him to take care of us.

Then I brought out the real pineapple. It was the first time I ever bought a pineapple and the firstP1000432 time the kids have seen one up close. They were able to touch it. It was pretty exciting for them. Then we colored and cut our paper pineapples and taped them in our fruit basket. Next they watched me cut up the pineapple. The boys tried some. My oldest boy loved them. My youngest did NOT…but at least he tried.

Day two I taught how we get the Lord’s peace. This was also the day I gave them their memory verse. I made sure they understood it and they repeated it after me, even my 3 year old. Which completely melted my heart. It was so cute!

Day three I read to them Matthew 6:25-34. That’s the story of how God feeds the sparrows. He takes care of them and He will take care of us. We can trust Him and have peace in Him. I accidentally did my day four plans on this day too.

Day four plans were for the kids to color a picture I found on of a girl looking out the window at a thunderstorm. I was also going to have them review that day. Even though we squished two days together it still worked out for us because one day I skipped lessons because the kids were playing so nice together. I just let them play and enjoyed my peace that day. I complimented them for playing well together and told them they were showing peace. Take those moments when you can! 🙂

Day five was a craft day. We made a dove out of paper plates from I explained to them that the dove represents the Holy Spirit and also represents peace. My 3 year LOVED the dove he made and played with it for the next two days.


I didn’t make very many pineapple snacks this week. To be honest with you I thought they weren’t going to like the pineapple. I did end up making pineapple upside-down cake. Gluten free of course. It turned out pretty good.

I hope you are enjoying these ideas for Fruit of the Spirit lessons.  I’m enjoying sharing them with you. 


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