Fruit of the Spirit Summer; Patience…A lesson for all

My 3 year old son loves grapes but he has a hard time waiting for me to pick the grapes off the cluster and wash them. Some days he does okay waiting but other days… he is not patient for his grapes. So when deciding which fruit should represent this weeks fruit of the Spirit, patience, I had to chose grapes. Our memory verse was “…Be patient with each other…” Ephesians 4:2

Day one we learned what patience is. Click here to view the lesson.  patience part 1  Then we colored, cut and taped our paper grapes into our fruit baskets. We had grapes for a snack.

Day two we learned that the Lord is patient with us. Click here to see the lesson.  Patience part 2  I gave a quick summary of Jonah. There were several times the Lord was patient with Jonah in this story (and of course He was patient with the Ninevites). Then we made a Jonah and the whale craft that I found in a book I had. There was a fish template I could copy for the kids. They colored and cut out their fish. Then we taped it on an envelope that was folded in half with one layer cut at the fold so they could put their hand in it like a puppet. They also colored and cut out a Jonah that was supposed to be made into a finger puppet but I taped them to a Popsicle stick instead. They all had fun with this craft. I especially liked the purple eyelashes my 5 year old added to her fish. We had peanuts and raisins for a snack.

Day three I was a little more laid back. My little girl has been begging to paint for awhile. So today the kids watched the Veggie Tales Jonah movie while they painted.

Day four we talked about our memory verse and what it means to be patient with each other. Click here for the lesson.  Patience part 3  For snack they had grape jello.

Day five…what a surprise this day was for me. You can plan things but life just happens and today was one of those days. It was a lesson for mom. My plan was to review with the kids what they learned this week and make sure they knew their memory verse. Then I was going to make oatmeal raisin cookies for them.

That morning my son felt a little yucky, probably just a cold. He was lounging around on the couch watching movies. I felt sorry for him so I let him be and wasn’t in a hurry to do bible class. On Fridays I like to take it easier anyway. I decided to make the cookies first and talk to them about the weeks lessons after the cookies were done. It was a recipe I never used before. We are gluten free but this wasn’t a gluten free recipie. Not a problem. I’ve switched ingredients around before to make food gluten free. I mixed it all up and put them in the oven. Soon the smell of cookies was wafting through the house. I turned on the oven light to see how they were doing. All the cookies had spread out and blended together. What I had was a baking sheet size oatmeal cookie. I gasped a little, “Oh no!” Then I thought, “No problem. I can cut them up into bars.” After the cookies…now one big cookie, had cooled I tried to cut them into squares but something wasn’t right. They smelled wonderful but they didn’t look edible. I don’t know what was wrong with them. I rechecked the recipie and couldn’t figure out what I did wrong other make them gluten free. I was frustrated as I threw the whole thing out. I don’t like wasting ingredients. It was lunchtime so I refocused on lunch.

After a couple hours I decided to try the cookies again. This time with a true gluten free recipe. As I put the cookies in the oven I was praying they would turn out. When I took them out they were not only edible but actually tasted good too. I sat the kids at the table and we discussed what we learned this week. Then I added how sometimes we need to be patient with ourselves. Like when we learn to tie our shoes or ride a bike or do new math problems. We may not get it at first but we need to be patient with ourselves.

This week’s lesson was a good lesson. We all had a heightened awareness of all the times we need to be patient and most of the time we need to be patient with someone else. It is inevitable in life that we will have to wait. So becoming good at waiting would serve us well.


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