Fruit of the Spirit Summer ; Kindness

We are half way through our study on fruit of the Spirit. It’s been a good summer. The fact that my 3year old decided to give potty-training another go around and that he’s been successful has made it an even better summer for me. That means I am no longer changing diapers/pull-ups several times a day for the first time in eight years. I’m totally excited!!!

However, the week we were to do kindness I got sick. I tried to push through but something in me said it would be wiser to take a break and get better. So that’s what we did. We took a two week total break. No bible class or reading or math. Nothing school related. That’s rare for me. Since we did part of this week then started up again two weeks later I will write out the days that it would make sense to do it in, which is not the way I did it.

These lessons were pretty easy. I chose cherries for the fruit this week. (I have no rhyme or reason for that.) The memory verse was Colossians 3:12 “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” For the first day (if I did it again) I would talk about what kindness is and tell them the verse. When I went through the verse with my kids I talked P1000599about what all the words meant. How we wear things like anger, joy and kindness kind of like we wear clothes. My oldest was gone that week so it was just my 5 and 7 year old at bible class. I didn’t expect them to learn the whole verse since it was long with bigger words. Just “clothe yourselves with kindness.” They colored, cut and taped their cherries in their paper fruit baskets. For snack, plain fresh cherries of course. I had to take the pits out for them.

For day two, three and four I read them bible stories (or a summary of them) that showed kindness. I read the story found in Genesis 13:1-12 of Abram and Lot from the Bob Jones 1st grade bible lessons. This is when Abram lets Lot chose which land he wants. The second bible story I read them was the story of Ruth and how Ruth and Boaz showed kindness. You can find this in Ruth 1:19-2:23. They had this lesson in the Bob Jones bible lessons too. My last bible story is from II Samuel 9:1-13 after King David became king. He found Mephibosheth, a relative of King Saul, and showed him kindness. I also gave the kids examples of situations and they had to tell me if that person was showing kindness or not. Such as; Jill shared her candy with Courtney or Susie called Carolyn unkind names.

By day five my oldest daughter was back home so I had the other two “help” me teach her by telling her what we learned. It was fun for them to “teach” their older sister. Then they all colored the kindness picture from

Kindness is such an important character trait for our kids to have. Finding people who have true kindness in them…you know, more then being nice on the surface, is becoming more rare. The Lord has been working on me with this the last several months. It takes a perspective change and a true change of heart to be kind to your enemy and those who rub you the wrong way. However, it’s a character trait worth working on. In both our children and ourselves.


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