Fruit of the Spirit Summer: Faithfulness

We are getting close to the end of our fruit of the Spirit study. For the fruit this week I choose bananas because they stick together. Get it…faithfulness…stick together. 🙂 The memory verse this week is, “Your love O Lord reaches to the heavens. Your faithfulness stretches to the skies.” Psalm36:5  P1000643

On day one I read out the of God’s Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible by Shelia Walsh. She explains that faithfulness means to keep doing what is right for as long as you live. She refers to Genesis 6:5-8 then talks about how Noah was faithful to the Lord. We colored our paper bananas. Then cut them out and taped them in our paper fruit baskets. They are getting very full so some of us put it by the basket. They had bananas for a snack.

Day two I read to them the story of Noah. I used the rainbow as a way for them to remember that God is faithful. So long ago He gave Noah that sign and today, thousands of years later, He still sends that sign to us after the rain. He is and forever will be faithful.

Day three we made a rainbow craft out of our hand prints. That was a fun craft to make and one I plan on keeping for the scrapbooks.  P1000729

I was really searching to find a way to show them faithfulness in marriage. I decided to use the example of Joseph staying with Mary (Matthew 1:18-25). I wanted to find this story in a children’s story form but couldn’t find it in any of the children’s devotions I had. Then when I read the story out of the bible my 7 year old reminded me it is in our Christmas book. So I read that to them too. P1000718I was concerned they wouldn’t understand the story. I thought maybe the subject matter was to mature for them (which is probably why it isn’t in kid’s devotionals) but they did well with it. If you have older children, preteens or teens, you could use the example of Hosea being faithful to his unfaithful wife. It is more mature subject matter but a great lesson is there because it refers to how God’s people have been unfaithful to Him but God continues to be faithful to them. P1000719



The last day, day five, I read a summary of the bible story of Abraham’s servant going to Abraham’s homeland to find a wife for Issac. It showed how the servant was faithful and did what Abraham told him to do. We to should be faithful to the Lord. I used the Bob Jones 1st grade Bible Truths book. You can find this story in Genesis 23:1-25:18.

For snacks I made Banana Pudding Trifle. To make it gluten free I used crushed gluten free animal crackers on the bottom. Then put half vanilla pudding over the crackers. Next sliced bananas, then Cool Whip. Repeat the layers. Refrigerate until your ready to use it. I also made gluten free banana bread that disappeared quickly. Although I think more ended up in my tummy then in the kids’. 🙂

When studying faithfulness I learned the bible has a lot of verses that talk about God’s faithfulness. I really stressed that with the kids. Especially on the days with the story of Noah and the rainbow. It’s important for kids to understand from an early age that God is faithful. This day is full of unfaithfulness. They need to know without a doubt what is stable in this world. That they can trust God. Of all the things they are to learn in this lesson I would say that knowing God is faithful, stable and dependablt is the most important.


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