Fruit of the Spirit Summer: Self Control

Here it is, the last fruit of the Spirit, self control. To demonstrate to the kids what self control is I got out the bubbles. I blew a few bubbles and let them pop them. Then I challenged them to not pop the bubbles the next time I blew some. I made sure everyone understood what they were to do. I blew the bubbles. It was fun to watch my 7yr old son concentrate so hard on not popping the bubbles. He did good though. He didn’t pop any. Then I explained that’s what self control is. When you control yourself and don’t do something you know you shouldn’t.

For the fruit this week I chose the apple because Adam and Eve did not show self control and ate the fruit anyway, which commonly is said to be an apple. I read the kids the story of the garden of Eden from one of their children’s books. Then we colored, cut and taped our paper apples to our paper fruit baskets. P1000758

Our verse this week was Proverbs 25:28 (NIV) A man who can’t control himself is like a city whose walls are broken down. So for day two I built a fort in the boys’ room with foam blocks and other fort type toys my boys have. I brought my kids in the boys’ room and talked to them about how we need to protect ourselves from the enemy like cities used to be protected with walls. When we lose control of ourselves we are unprotected from attacks.


On day three I read to them the temptation of Christ from the International Children’s Devotional Bible. (It can also be found in Matthew 4:1-11) I explained to them how Jesus got it right. He did not fall to temptation but kept self control. He did this by knowing Scripture and what it meant.

Day four the kids learned what to do to keep self control. They made a stop light out of construction paper. The red stop reminds us to stop. The yellow reminds us to think about the choices we are going to make. Is it a good choice or a bad choice? After choosing you go to green. The green light is when we act on the decision you made. Then my kids colored a picture of self control I found at  P1000803
For treats this week the kids had apples, gluten-free apple crisp and applesauce. I only had four days this week because we are back to the full swing of school and I have another devotional I do on Tuesdays.

I enjoyed doing this series with my kids. It turned out to be more then lessons on fruit of the Spirit but also a character study. It’s important to stress that these are fruit of the Spirit. On our own we will not do a great job at producing these qualities. Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)
Also no amount of good qualities will get you in right standing with the Lord. It’s by faith that we are saved not by works. The fruit of a persons life is simply the evidence of who we are surrendered to.

I also really enjoyed sharing what we did with all of you. I hope I gave someone some ideas on how to teach the fruit of the Spirit.


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