The Eternal Treasures Of Motherhood


Here it is! Finally!!! It’s been nine months in the making but here it is. I have taken stories as my life as a mother and shared them in my book The Eternal Treasures Of Motherhood. The Lord has taught so much through my children. Things like how great His love is for each of His daughters and how valuable I am to Him as a mom. He has given me eyes to see eternal treasures in raising my kids. He also shows me how to raise my kids to be set apart for Him.

Several of the stories in my book are posts I’ve had on my blog that have been revised, but there are some brand new writings in there as well. These are short stories that are easy for a busy mom to take a moment to read. Being a mom myself, I understand how hard and overwhelming being a mom can be. My desire is to give mothers a chance to breathe, laugh and connect with the Lord through these stories.

I know that none of this is about me, it’s about what God is doing through me. My hearts desire is that each person who reads this book would draw at least one step closer in their walk with the Lord. It is an honor to me to be used of the Lord this way. If you would like to purchase a copy you can go to my website at


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