Just Be

On the drive between my home and my church there are many red-tailed hawks. Their colors blend perfectly with the fields making them hard to spot but I’ve learned where to look for them. They are in trees, on signposts or in flight. I love seeing them. They stand confident like they are 12393906165_cc45933a44_zintimidated by nothing. They need do nothing to display their beauty other than just be themselves. Just be what God created them to be. They are admirable, inspiring creatures to me. They remind me of what a magnificent God we have. I so enjoy them that I find myself hoping to see them as we drive.

One day the Lord spoke to my heart that He sees beauty in me just as I see beauty and strength in the hawks. I do nothing to portray this image except simply be me. Be who God created me to be. A wife, mother, and daughter of the King of Kings. He enjoys seeing me just as I enjoy catching a glimpse of the hawk. 

I was talking to my husband about the hawks on our drive one day and my daughter told me the red-tailed hawk are one of the most common hawks. I found that interesting. I usually equate common with boring and of little value, yet to me these hawks are never boring. On the same token, being a wife and mother is a very common thing but when we do these things for the glory of God it is admirable and inspiring. We don’t need to strive to do anything impressive. Simply be what God has created us to be.