Looking Up

With a family of six there is never a shortage of laundry. I was in the laundry room the other day when I glanced out the window and noticed a robin stuck in our neighbors’ trampoline. They have a net around the trampoline. The little bird was hopping around the edge, looking at the net then hopping around again and looking at the net some more. I wondered if he knew how to get out. He did find the opening but it has several layers of net over P1010925each other. He couldn’t maneuver his way through it. So he hopped around some more til finally he paused. He stood very still; like he was thinking. Then, it’s as if he remembered he’s a bird. He exploded up and flew out the top. He was free.

What a great lesson not just for this little bird but for us too. We tend to look at the walls that surround us. The problems starring down at us. We try to help ourselves but cannot open the door on our own. You see, this little bird wasn’t created to open doors just like we weren’t made to carry burdens on our own. Yet God has given us everything we need in times of trouble. We need only to look up. Look to the Lord who cares about every little detail of our life because He cares about us.

Be still.

Know that God is in control.

Remember who’s child you are.

He will show you the way and before long, you’ll be soaring again.

Soaring and free.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Exodus 14:14 (NIV)