Stories Through Genesis (part two)


As promised, here is part two of lessons to take my kids through the stories in Genesis. In part one I shared which stories in the first half of Genesis I did and how I reached the 6-14 age range of my four kids. For the second half of Genesis I switched things up a bit to keep Bible class from getting stale. I thought about what I really wanted my kids to get from this. I want those seeds to be planted in their hearts that grow their faith in the Lord, that help them realize God is a God worthy of our trust. To fall in love with the Lord even more. So I decided to present this in a more laid back atmosphere. Before we sat at the dining room table with notebooks ready to take notes. This time we sat on the couch in the living room as I stood at the front of the room and simply read the story, with dramatic flair as if it were a skit…that’s how I read stories to my kids. It worked well. They were so into the stories that a few lessons I had planned to stretch out for a few days, but they were on the edge of their seats and wanted me to read on. Since teaching the Bible, especially to my children, is one of my favorite things to do I gladly continued.

We would discuss the story, sometimes while I read if I wanted to be sure they were understanding it, but usually discussion waited until the end of the story. We talked about what we liked and what we didn’t like. This usually brought up good points I wanted them to see weaved through the stories. Many times I would be sure to stop and ask the Lord if there was anything else He wanted to bring to our attention before closing Bible class for that day. This is always a good thing to do and a good example for your kids that listening to the Lord doesn’t have to be difficult and should be a regular part of life.

Along with the reading I also continued to use the A Beka Bible flashcards. WeP1040801 happened to have some for the story of Joseph. The kids took turns being my helper. Also I had the kids act out the story a few times. They loved that. The boys were surprised I was instructing them to wrestle when they were acting out Jacob wrestling God. It kept everyone engaged.

It was truly a joy doing these stories with my kids. Since then when there’s been a reference to something in Genesis I’ve seen a light bulb go off with my two older ones. It’s helped them understand devotions or even our Pastor better. I’m so glad I went through this with them. As with all the Bible lessons I teach I will probably go through this with them again in several years. It will be interesting to see how my approach will change. May the Lord bring you closerjohn-17-17 to your kids as you teach them these foundational truths and may you and your kids grow closer to the Lord because of His amazing Word.

Here’s a list of how I separated the sections. I will note that Joseph’s brothers, brother’s return, and Joseph’s silver I did in one day. Jacob to Egypt and The famine was another one day lesson and also the last two sections from Genesis 48 to the end I did in one day. My kids were so interested that we kept on moving but do what works best for your family or the kids you are teaching.

Story: Found in Genesis:

Jacob & Esau 25:5-11, 19-34

Jacob & Esau part two 27:1-40

Jacob flees 27:41-28:9

Jacob’s dream 28:10-22

Jacob marries 29:14-30

Jacob’s children 29:31-30:24

Jacob flees Laban 31:1-7, 12-37,40-55

Jacob sends gifts and wrestles God 32:3-32

Jacob & Esau make peace 33:1-20

Jacob returns to Bethel, family death 35:9-20,23-29

Joseph’s dreams 37:1-11

Joseph sold into slavery 37:12-36

Joseph & Pother’s Wife 39:1-23

Interprets 2 dreams 40:1-23

Pharaoh’s dreams 41:1-57

Joseph’s brothers 42:1-38

Brother’s return 43:1-34

Joseph’s silver cup 44-45:23

Jacob goes to Egypt 45:24-46:6, 46:28-47:12

Famine continues 47:13-31

Jacob blesses grandsons 48:1-49, 49:28

Jacob’s death 49:29-50:26