Gloomy Blessings

This spring we had a lot of rain in just a few days. No flooding, thankfully, but the ditches were full and the lakes were spilling over their banks. When the rain finally stopped the clouds lingered. For about seven to ten days our skies stayed gray. Everybody’s spirits felt gloomy and weighed down. I was no exception.

One day I was thinking about all the rain and remembered that in the Bible rain is a good thing, not bad. Rain brings crops and life to the land. Maybe I’ve been looking at this all wrong. Instead of looking at the clouds and giant puddles of water everywhere, I decided to look at the grass and plants. It was then I noticed everything was greener. The trees seemed to be standing at attention as they drank in the rain. The land was more vibrant. I had to choose to look at the benefits of the rain rather than focus on the gloomy, gray sky hovering over me.

Blessings are often thought of as joy-filled, beautiful gifts. Amazing experiences we wait for in expectation. While we should wait expectantly for the Lord we also need to be sure that’s not the only way we see blessings. Think about the blessings of life; marriage, a new job, the birth of a child, vacation, a new car just to name a few. These are examples of blessings but they certainly aren’t stress free. Sometimes it is through the gray skies that our blessings come. Sometimes it’s through the rain that we can drink more deeply in the presence of God.

cross picThe biggest blessing I have in my life is the gift of my salvation. That gift did not come through a sun-filled happy day. The resurrection was a happy day, that’s true, but first had to come the death of an innocent man. That Friday was a very somber day. Yet from that event came life, not just to Jesus three days later, but to all who accept Jesus as their Lord. The greatest blessing ever given came through the gloomiest day the world has ever known.

Maybe your like me and you need to readjust what you’re focused on. Are these really burdens or are they blessings and you just forgot what a beautiful gift you’ve been given? Is this really a gloomy day or is it a day full of vibrant life that has gone unnoticed? Don’t forget the Son is always shining, you just don’t always see Him doing His work, but have faith and believe He is there. He is doing His thing and He will work out all things to the good of those who love Him. He is in control. He always is and always will be. Rain blessing pic