I awoke one morning in early spring 2016 sitting up in bed in a coughing fit from a lingering cold I had. There was terrible pain from my lower back shooting down my leg and into my foot. It was a challenge to get ready that morning. My left leg felt like it was drawing up. By the afternoon I laid on my bed where I stayed for several days. I moved slowly because the pain was intense.

For the next eight weeks between rest, chiropractor visits, and pain management I was slowly able to resume my daily routine. I wasn’t 100% though. My left calf, top of my foot and some of my toes were left numb. I could feel my back wasn’t stable, like something could pop if I wasn’t careful. So I was careful when sitting and moving. I found a new normal and babied my back.

For the next two years I struggled with lower back problems. There was a handful of times I’d pull it out bad enough to lay me flat on my back on the couch for a few weeks. I became compassionate to those who have to live with ongoing illness. The fear of getting hurt was almost as bad as the back pain. I prayed for two years for God to heal me completely, including regaining the feeling in my leg and foot. I also became more aware of what a gift it is to walk and move without pain, to scurry through the grocery store and take care of my kids. All those things we often take for granted, I am now very thankful for.

In spring 2018 my husband, kids and I were taking a family vacation to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We were all very excited but I was also nervous. I was told it was a ten hour drive and sitting is what seemed to bother my lower back the most. I decided I just needed to trust God. It was going to be okay. Still, I was nervous. The Lord told me before we left that He was going to heal me in Texas. At the time I wasn’t sure what He was going to heal, but I was willing to take whatever healing He wanted to give me.

We were all so excited for our trip that when the day finally arrived to leave we all jumped out of bed a couple hours earlier than normal, full of energy and smiles. Our van was packed in record time and we were ready to roll. About two hours into the drive my back was aching. I shifted a lot in my chair to find the most comfortable spot. As we continued so did the ache which shifted to pain. When I stood and walked around I was fine, but sitting really irritated my lower back. By Oklahoma I was really hurting. I had been praying the whole time, asking the Lord to heal me. I texted a friend to pray also. All the while I tried to not let my family know what pain I was in. I knew once I got to our hotel I could lay down awhile and I’d be okay. I wasn’t going to ruin this trip for them.

It was dinnertime and we were all getting hungry. Our trip had gone past the ten hours we were told it would take and we were still not in Texas yet. I was eagerly waiting for the Texas border while looking up on our phones to see where we could stop for dinner. Suddenly I realized my back wasn’t hurting anymore. “Yay! I’m going to enjoy this moment of relief.” I wasn’t sure if this was only a moment or if it would last longer. I did recall the Lord telling me He was going to heal me. Is this it?

Shortly after crossing Texas border I announced to my family, “I just want to give a shout out to God right now because my lower back has been hurting on this drive but it doesn’t hurt anymore!” It didn’t hurt the rest of the day. It didn’t hurt the whole time we were in Texas. It didn’t even hurt the twelve b64478ed3961651ae79597f9b31867edhour drive back home! Praise God!!! Not only was it not hurting but it felt stable in a way I haven’t felt for years.

A couple weeks after we got back I went to the chiropractor for my neck. She knows to always check my lower back because it’s usually off. This time she checked it and said, “I haven’t seen your back look this good in a long time. I’m not touching it.” I didn’t need anymore confirmation that I was healed but that was super cool to hear. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I noticed I could feel in my leg and foot. So one morning I was testing my calf and top of my foot by touching it. The feeling has been restored. That’s something the chiropractor thought would never come back. She expected me to live that way the rest of my life. But NOPE!!! I’m so excited to say the Lord has restored my back, leg and foot!!

I’m hoping that by hearing the testimony that God healed me will give hope to others who have been praying for a miracle. God is still in the miracle business and He still heals today. I can testify to that. If you’re praying for a miracle, don’t give up. Don’t give up on God. Don’t give up on faith. He restores bodies. He restores relationships. He restores finances. He is a good God.

Thank you Jesus!



One thought on “Restored

  1. Jason Henrichson

    Praise the Lord! He is good. He loves us and cares about how we feel. What a great testimony!

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