Champions of Faith

beauty for ashes

For three years I’ve been involved in the women’s ministry at my church that meets on Tuesday mornings. As much as I have enjoyed the speakers there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed more than anything. That’s getting to know the ladies.

One day as I was in my quiet time I was thinking of the ladies at Tuesday mornings when the Lord gave me a revelation. It’s not the speakers or leaders that are the heroes of the church. “Instead”, the Lord said, “look among the peoples faces. The woman who is battling breast cancer, the mom who’s elementary-aged son just finished up chemo, the wife who lost her husband, the woman committed to her marriage and family on the tails of her husband committing an affair…those are the heroes. Those who look hard circumstances in the face and fall to their knees asking the Lord to walk with them through amazingly difficult circumstances – those are the real heroes. Champions of the faith.

Each of those situations I just mentioned are real women. To those and the many who I couldn’t mention, I give them honor. God has not forgotten them. He’s eye is ever watchful on them. He is so proud of them and I am honored to have sat among them. Learning their stories. Walking with them as they press through. Watching the beautiful transformation of women as they journey in faith. Some just beginning, others digging in for the long haul. It has been my honor to get to know some and a privilege to walk side-by-side with a small handful.



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